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Scope of activities

Representation of international and Croatian musicians
Lifestyle represents selected international and domestic musicians and ensembles, of whom the agency is convinced that they inspire the audience with their musical message.
Lifestyle takes care of their promotion and media presence in Croatia.

Organization / design and negotiation of music programmes for concerts and other events
According to the client's specific needs, Lifestyle arranges and designs and/or organizes music programmes or projects.
The agency makes sure that the music programme runs smoothly and always stands by the client's side.

Execution of music projects / concerts
From the organizational and financial point of view, music projects are rather costly. Bearing a high financial commitment, the organizer cannot afford the music programme be poorly organized and carried out, which would influence the entire reputation of the event and decrease the efforts of the organizer for a unique event.
Under the given circumstances, Lifestyle guarantees an optimal accomplishment of the music programme.

Marketing plans and strategies for musicians and music projects
Lifestyle draws up marketing plans and strategies for musicians and music projects.
In the case of an artist/musician or a cultural/music project, mere high quality of the "product" is no longer sufficient for success in the nowadays already saturated cultural market.
It is necessary to draft a suitable, long-term strategy for the musicians and music projects and position them according to their respective qualities.

Lifestyle gives advice to its clients covering the entire field of music management (comprehensive concert/event organization, graphical preparation/print of posters/bills and concert programmes, personal advice, advice regarding programmes, etc).