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Stefan Milenkovich, a violinist of world renown who had secured his place on concert stages already when very young as a child prodigy, and Marko Hatlak, a versatile Slovenian concert accordionist, have joined forces and their passion for tango to form the vibrant duo Stefan Milenkovich & Marko Hatlak TANGO COMPÁS.

Compás is a Spanish word for musical beat, the essential pulse behind music. This project explores tango comps - its intense, dark beauty and passion. But tango contains so much more: an incredible range of energetic expression - including sound and movement - that perhaps holds the key to what it means to be human. The communication between man and a woman, our weakness and our strengths, the struggle between good and evil, reconciliation of mind, body and spirit - all of these timeless subjects are represented in tango compás that has given them inspiration for this musical journey.

By now they have upgraded their performance in collaborations with the pianist Marko Črnčec and the double-bassist Luka Herman Gaiser. At the end of 2013, this exceptional line-up recorded album material, which has been presented at a limited number of concerts across Slovenia. Their performances  will mainly comprise hot-blooded tango music of various authors as well as some witty surprising pieces from other worlds of music. The tango experience has been  made more pristine with guest appearances (in Ljubljana it was Ana Bezjak on vocals and a dancing couple). Before and after the concert, a milonga can  take place  for all dance enthusiasts to join in!

Violinist Stefan Milekovich - biography


Accordionist Marko Hatlak has been appearing on stages in Slovenia and abroad since 2000. He has been performing as a soloist with symphony orchestras – Moscow Philharmonic, Jena Philharmonic, RTV Slovenia Philharmonic; with conductors En Shao, Marko Letonja, David De Villiers, Karmina Šilec and others; in chamber ensembles with numerous world renowned musicians – Stefan Milenkovich, Vlatko Stefanovski, Stefan Hussong, Una Palliser, Neil Innes and Tommy Emmanuel, Matej Bekavac, Mojca Zlobko and Karmen Pečar; as well as tango and ethno ensembles – Marko Hatlak & Funtango, Stefan Milenkovich, Marko Hatlak and Ars tango, and Terrafolk. He recorded numerous albums of tango, contemporary, baroque, classical and ethno music. He makes music for film and theatre as well as children performance

Registration of the concert held on February 15, 2014 in the Centre for urban culture  KINO ŠIŠKA in Ljubljana  - RTV Slovenija - 1st part - 2nd part